Cheapest Australian Domain Names

Cheapest Australian Domain Names

Cheapest Australian Domain Names Register

The and domain names are available to Australian residents, business owners, corporations, registered associations, clubs and incorporated associations.

Do you need a Business Name?  This is how you get one in Australia.

We have spent the last 15 years shopping for the best Australian domain names registrar, and during that time we were disappointed time after time.  In particular we found …

  • Greedy registrar that overcharged customers, with some names being sold at three times the going price.  We saw inexperienced, first time buyers being charged astronomical fees with markups of over 300{ed003a0677905d6a3f32d6a8bb10f2ff05848f7f4cb01ce49baa6f36caf5dd21}.  Since domains can only be purchased by business people who have a Business Number, the greedy registrars were able to overcharge by making up ridiculous claims.  In contrast ethical registrars are now charging the cheapest prices ever experienced. These low prices have made it possible for everyone to enjoy a presence on the world wide web.
  • No service, poor accounting records and faulty servers.  On one occasion one of our customers was approached three years after he had made a purchase with demands of payment dues to “an error of accounting procedures”.
  • Rude and arrogant customer service and poor support.  This included the tendency to blame the customer for malfunctions that clearly took place because of inferior equipment and software being used by the registrar.
  • Poor follow up after orders.  When a customer purchases a domain name they usually park it until they are ready to build a website and host it.   The parking involves no real expense to the registrar and should be free.  We were told by some of our customers that they were asked for payment to purchase parking.  This being outrageous.
  • The Australian system for registering domains is second to none.  The authority managing it is efficient, intelligent and extremely thorough in administering the,,, allocation.
    Their aim is to protect the public from fraudulent registrars and to ensure that the names are allocated fairly.  The nameserver allocation also resolves extremely fast; the end result is that as soon as a name is registered the name becomes live immediately.  Unfortunately some of the greedy registrars did not have sufficient staff to undertake the manual checking process required to ensure that the names are registered only to legitimate users.  This meant that customers would be waiting for days before being able to set up their websites. 
  • We could go on and fill many websites with all the shortcomings we found in some of the registrars that we dealt with.  However, we prefer focusing our attention on the positive aspects of the industry.  And we also note that some of these registrars have now been de-registered.

The reason for listing the poor service issues we encountered is to

  • firstly make customers realize that this is not “the norm”.  Many customers told us that they accepted the rude behaviour, the condescending and sometimes even offensive remarks made by support staff when confronted with technical issues that their inferior systems was causing.
  • Secondly it is to highlight the benefits of registering your Australian domain name with a reputable, ethical and modern registrar.  We encourage all our customers not to accept second best when it comes to internet and website services.

 And then we found the best and the cheapest Australian Domain Names Registrar

Cheapest Australian Domain NamesClick on the banner to register your name at the best and cheapest possible price

We have been with our current registrar for the past 5 years and we have never experienced a single issue.  Here are some of the good things that you will experience when you register your name.

  • You will be paying the cheapest possible prices for Australian names.  They also offer all the other name extensions at extremely competitive prices.  We recommend our dedicated service page for .com  and .net sites.
  • You can expect the registration process to be completed by the registrar to be registered within 1 hour.
  • You will get free automatic parking.
  • You will be offered the best and, once again, the cheapest website hosting in Australia.   The hosting comes with a huge array user friendly tools.
  • Support is available by phone 24 hours and also E-mail.  E-mail support is slower, so you can use that for less urgent issues.  Phone support is instantaneous.  Recently they have introduced a chat support system that has proven to be extremely useful, particularly when dealing with an issue that did not warrant a phone call but still required communication with a technician.
  • You can even pre-order names at the best and cheapest rates.  This applies to all names that are currently registered.   The system will then monitor the domain and snap it for you the moment it becomes available.  We have used this efficient system for some of our own businesses, and we were pleasantly surprised when, they became available.
  • You will be using a state of the art desktop to manage and administer your names.  This includes fast and reliable options for changing the name servers, and locking the it for added security.
  • Your domain name will be managed by one of the largest. best equipped and technically advanced registrar in Australia.  This registrar believes in investing in high quality servers and establishing the best cloud and networking servers in the region.


Are you looking for .com .net and others?  Get these too at the cheapest possible price.

See if your selection is available

Use our free name generator below to get ideas for some great names.  Try it!

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