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young lady searches domain namesWelcome to the free domain search tool

Are you new to our site? We will soon post a quick instructional video. 

Selecting the perfect domain to register for your business, activity or cause will help you reach more quality visitors to your site, generate quality leads for your products or services.  It will also generate extra traffic that would otherwise be lost.

Once posted, we will update the video regularly with new tips, so keep returning for new ideas on how you can search, find and purchase new and exciting names.


What this search tool is for – important notes

Use this tool if you already know the domain you wish to register.  Remember that you must feel positive about your choice.  If your are unsure or are not fully excited about the current selection, keep searching for a better one, use the tips we suggest in the video. 

Remember to register both the singular and the plural version of the name you want to buy.  For example, if you are registering … make sure to also register this will help prevent competitors from benefiting from your advertising and promotions. 

You should also register as many variations of the domain as possible.  For example  .com .net. .info. etc. 

These are very cheap to buy; the few dollars you spend each year in protecting your brand name will save you time and money and the irritation of having your brand and business name highjacked.   Remember that local trademarks and even international ones may not fully protect you from cybersquatters and opportunists.


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Using the free domain name idea generator

Use our free generator to brainstorm ideas for the perfect name for your website or blog.   In the video, you learned many valuable tips about using the right keyword combination. 

Too many keywords and you risk attracting a penalty from Google or Bing for spamming.  Too few keywords or the wrong keywords will cause your site to disappear in the depths of cyberspace. 

The domain name generator on this site is designed to search for lucrative and smart alternatives which relate to your business or project activities.  It will surprise you time after time and generate great ideas for your blogs and web related projects. 

Use a notepad (one that stays on top of the screen) to record the ideas that you get using the tool.  Let your mind absorb all these combinations and let the information “mature”. 

If you allow your mind to “digest” the information it will present you with even more exciting names.  

I have found this to be be true after working with the tool for a few hours and “sleeping on” the results overnight.  In the morning I always wake up with many more quality alternative domain names for my projects. 

If you are unsure how to use this tool please come back to watch the video.  Watching the name generator instructional video will definite provide you with new skills and ideas that you may not have thought about–even if you are an experienced SEO specialist.


girl points to domain name search tool


Other website and internet promotional products we can offer

We love the internet and we have been actively involved in marketing and promoting products, projects, blogs and online videos for more than 20 years.  We know what works and what does not work with search engines. 

Many web marketing and website developers will tell you that they can get your website to appear on the first page of Google, Bing or Alexa.  And some of them are able to do just that using massive spamming techniques and black hat backdoor tactics.  So your website DOES get to the first page, BUT for a few hours.  Google has developed a phenomenal algorithm to detect black hat strategies.  The engine is now able to “detect and learn” devious tactics, programs, and plugins that attempt to scam the Search Engine.

Once Google has flagged your site and IP as a scammer or spammer, your site will disappear in the great sinkhole of the Universe and never reappear again.  In some nasty cases, Google has punished entire IPs.  I have seen this happen time after time again to many good people who trusted the wrong “experts”. 

Appearing on the first page of Google is not what you should be striving for.  Your effort should be in generating QUALITY leads which will transform into SALES or ACTION.   There is little point in investing money and effort into bringing a million visitors to your site–that are unlikely to buy anything or take action.  So your strategy must be to create a presence where people who are interested in your products or ideas are likely to be.  Does that make sense?  We offer a service that promotes your videos (YouTube and Vimeo) to people who are actually interested in watching videos.  The cost of this service is ridiculous.   Take a look … 🙂

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